“For some, life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever.” ~ Laura Swenson

2011 Outdoorsman Specials
MOI's takes our services one step further. As outdoorsman we wear camouflage to the woods so why not be buried in a beautiful camouflage casket.

Simple Truths

A casket is simply a receptacle in which our physical body is put in for our loved ones and friends to pay their final respects.  Regardless of your religious beliefs all of us eventually depart this world…”It’s not if…but when!”  Some hold this
receptacle in reverence and consider it very sacred.  Some feel awkward or even scared to discuss their impending final day and put it off until tomorrow or when they get older.  Death does not discriminate based on your age. 

hy Buy Now?

We know it feels strange to talk about buying a casket or urn before it is needed. However, keep in mind that by pre-buying it helps control your funeral costs. You have to decide, are you going to make this decision or leave it up to others?

Your Choice

If you are still breathing, mentally and physically able to choose how your physical remains are to be stored, it means you have accepted the fact you will not live forever and want the receptacle to represent who you are.  This is a very personal matter for some and for others it is just another thing that needs to be determined before they head over to the great hunting and fishing land on the other side.

Their Choice

If you depart this great earth before choosing your receptacle it is your family’s and friend’s responsibility to make that choice for you.  They will choose a receptacle that they feel best represents you.  However, due to the stress and the emotions at the time of your death this can be a very difficult choice for the strongest of family members and friends.  This can lead to spending more than planned....at this point it is an emotional buy.

Email us today at casketinfo@metrooutdoors.com for a complete catalog.  Prices below does not include shipping and handling (S&H).  S&H rates will be determined at time of order. 

Ask us about customizing your casket!  We also have make your own casket kits for those do it yourself type guys!

How To Pay
We accept all major credit cards or personal checks on pre-need orders.  Checks can be hand delivered or mailed to Metro Outdoors Insurance, Inc. @ 1389 Highway 213, Covington, GA 30014.  Applicable shipping, handling, local, state and federal taxes will be applied to final sell price.

Shipping and Handling
All shipping and handling fees will be determinedd at time of order based on distance to be delivered to.  Delivery date will also be determined at time of order.  Those products being delivered by common carrier will be shipped/crated as determiend by shipper.

Refund Policy
Any casket we deliver or have delivered that does not meet your satisfaction may be returned same day for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

If you have any questions please call us at 770-853-5679 or 404-683-3906 and ask for Raf or Pam.

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